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Tina Fakhrid-Deen is a writer, LGBTQ family activist, and educator. She enjoys writing young adult and children's literature. She loves her family, nature, learning Spanish, and cupcakes.

Plug Tunin’

I’ve been avoiding social media lately. I think it’s because I’m traumatized, tired and on the edge. Most of my friends and associates are activists, creatives, scholars, educators, writers, healers, lovers, and don’t-take-no-shitters. Overall, they are beautifully urbane people. Therefore, … Continue reading


Ramadan Days 8 & 9: Allah, Why Didn’t You Protect Me?

Originally posted on Drunken Whispers:
When somebody commits an act of violence upon your person enter yourself to find it gone what has been taken you may find it is your health you may find it is your soul but…

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We Must Resist the Terrorism

Denmark Vesey is one of my heroes. He was about resistance. He resisted the title of slave, freeing himself after winning a lottery. He educated and gave hope to other Africans to remember who they were, despite the harsh, enslaved … Continue reading

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It’s Bigger Than Rachel

Rachel Dolezal has shaken up good old ‘Merica or at least her parents and brother have. The Dolezals decided to tell America that their daughter wasn’t an “authentic” black person. Which daughter you ask? The one who recently resigned as president of the Spokane … Continue reading

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Why I Rage About It All

I grieve as Baltimore grieves and rages over the insistent maltreatment of poor, black and brown bodies as illustrated by the recent murder of Freddie Gray for running from a cop. I seethe as Rekia Boyd’s memory is disgraced by … Continue reading

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Cats & Roses: A Bathtub Tale

A vase of roses I’d received were making their way to a beautiful death, so to get more use out of them, I de-petaled, bagged and refrigerated them. I didn’t know if I’d make rose water, a rose parfum or … Continue reading

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Unite for What’s Right

To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.  – James A. Baldwin In the midst of my rage, I’m still able to see some beautiful acts … Continue reading

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When It Gets Too Deep

It’s easy to get angry at the world right now. Or at a structurally racist and classist society (and yes, we do live in one) where blacks can be killed with impunity by anyone except us in order to “keep … Continue reading

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October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard

I was moved this evening. To my core. The Trust Theatre Ensemble performed a stage adaptation of Leslea Newman’s October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard. It’s a collection of poems about the horrific night in 1998 when 21-year-old college … Continue reading

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So So Tired

What do I write about when I’m too tired to think? And is it a waste of time for me to even try to write tonight? Let’s look to history for the answers. In 1964, Fannie Lou Hamer gave a … Continue reading

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