LGTS Chapters

Chapter One: Our Family Structures
Chapter One highlights various family configurations within LGBTQ homes. This chapter discusses two-parent homes, blended families, families created with the assistance of donor insemination and surrogacy, single parent homes, youth affected by heterosexual divorce, LGBTQ parent break-ups, families headed by transgender parents, adoptive parents, transracial adoptions, heterosexual divorce, and LGBTQ Parent Break-Ups. Chapter One shares common challenges within and insights into specific family structures.

Chapter Two: When Families Come Out
Chapter Two is about the coming out process. The chapter provides personal stories about when and how LGBTQ parents have come out to their children. It also highlights the challenges that can surface when youth with LGBTQ parents come out to others about having gay or trans parents. There is a coming out activity, an Am I in the Closet quiz and parent corner that provides tips for parents when coming out to their children.

Chapter Three: Barriers to Accepting Our Parents
Chapter Three highlights common barriers that disallow some youth to fully accept their parents’ LGBTQ status. The problem areas discussed are peer fear, homophobia, sexual identity, gender normativity, and family rejection. The chapter provides readers with real life situations and solutions to handling these common barriers and embracing their parents. There is a journaling activity that asks readers to share if and when they have had barriers to accepting their parents and what they plan to do to rectify the problem.

Chapter Four: Welcome to the Teasing Zone & Chapter Five: How to Survive School
Chapters Four and Five explore common challenges in middle school and high school that youth in LGBTQ households face such as teasing, homo-hostility, invisibility, and lack of support. The chapters offer two assessment quizzes, Am I Homophobic and Does Your School Make the Grade, that help students with LGBTQ parents to determine their own level of internalized homophobia and their school’s competency in serving sexual minority families. Chapter Five provides tips for school survival and responsible actions that students can make to make their school a safer, more progressive place.

Chapter Six: Through God’s Eyes
Chapter Six is about the religious beliefs and debates surrounding homosexuality. The chapter profiles several individuals with LGBTQ parents and their personal beliefs about religion and the impact religion has had on their lives. Chapter Six also features various inclusive, LGBTQ-accepting spiritual centers and answers difficult questions such as, “Is Homosexuality a Sin.”

Chapter Seven: Activism 101
Chapter Seven teaches youth with LGBTQ parents how to become active, concerned citizens. The chapter engages students to care about the world around them and to solve some of the world’s issues by getting more involved. The point of this chapter is to awaken youth to other types of oppression and struggle outside of the gay debate. The chapter gives concrete tips and ideas about how teens can kick off their community activism and provides an activity section for readers to share how they have been involved in their communities or how they plan to get started.

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