The Quiet Poet

Most don’t know that I write poetry for myself, usually to affirm who I am and to express my sensual or heartbroken side. For the first time, I will begin sharing little pieces of my heart. Feel free to take a sneak peek.


                                Lips so sinful, I commit adultery with one glance.

Through the underworld, glistening with gasoline,

I would dance for a chance to feel

those parted jewels softening under my gaze.

Christening my thighs in a northbound parade

of passion, lasting as long as it takes

to quench the devil in me,

bringing us back to a heavenly state.


I AM Tina Jordan Fakhrid-Deen which means

I’m a human being who loves all people and the earth

I do me and don’t care what others think

I’m a thrift store diva

I’m a world traveler – Hong Kong, France, Italy, Las Honduras – you see me

I’m a fighter when love ain’t working

I’m a mother, daughter, sista, wife, good friend

I am hip-hop

Hear That?

Let that beat drop.

I’m a warrior

I’m a feminist Buddhist Goddess, breathing Yoruba water, el incendio de Santeria

Soy Morena (I’m Black)

I’m a writer, and a good one

I’m loud and sassy

I’m strong and brave

I’m sensitive, got that Cancer love in this cave

I’m left-handed, they don’t understand it

I’m smart and they fear it

I’m beautiful and I know it

I hate weak minds, people who don’t like to think, people who say yes when they need to say no, people who are so insecure that every time – they go, but keep that on the low, negative people, those who talk loud, but ain’t saying nothing, people who talk, but never do nothing. I see through you. You ain’t true.

I love words, books, the Spanish language, cool blades of grass between my toes, the mama and daddy who brought me into this world, the ocean, life, mi hija, my man, my sistas, vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles, cussing, ish-talking, strong-walking, weird-acting, jaw-dropping ME.  I AM.

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