The Brood Blog

Okay, I’m new to blogging, though I have plenty of things that I incessantly brood over. I used to think, “Why should I write a blog? How cocky of me to think others want to read about the ramblings in my head.” Then the ultra-insecure side of me said, “Who would even read it? It’d be another dead blog. I bet I wouldn’t even get any comments.” Well, part of this statement came true.  I’ve had a website and travel blog spot for about a month now and no one has commented on a single thing, not even my mama. Now that should have discouraged me and sent me into a self-pitying declension, right? Well, it gave me a false sense of privacy and confidence instead. Since no one is listening anyway, I mean reading, or at least, answering me, then I can say what in the heck I want to say. No consequences. No conflict. No political-correctness. No worries, mate. Now we all know this isn’t true, but my lack of visibility is giving a sista a little needed courage to put it all out there – essays, short stories, weekly cuss-outs of the idiots, reviews, links to stuff I like, dessert foodie posts, unsolicited love advice, etc. So here’s to public, but seemingly private brooding.

2 Responses to The Brood Blog

  1. Annette Cashman says:

    Hi Hon – how’s one of my favorite women in all the world whom I always and totally admire! Congrats and a huge hug for your book! One of these days I’ll get back to working on the 2nd draft of my sleep apnea book esp since that’s what is written on my mom’s death certificate; that is, complications from s.a. I’ve planned to finish the re-do of the first chapter before the end of this year so I’ve got a bit of time left. And I’m gonna do it if for no other reason to stop my brain from hounding me, ha! And don’t you start riding me on it, either, ha!
    Now, some really good stuff is that I’ve got a job for another 5 years. I still enjoy it and it’s because of my work and years of service that our TRiO grant was given 100 points and renewed. I bet you don’t miss the budget or apr one little bit, ha! I’ve a great staff who knows who is boss. Plus we’ve got a different VP and our own director all bringing us from the back of the theater to a prime spot on stage.
    I bought a treadmill in January and have lost 5 lbs. I’m a popcorn, watermelon, dark chocolate, fruit, salad, coffee, pc games, and Barry Manilow fan (not a fanilow) gal.
    Hubby and I are married 27 years now and life would be very boring without him,ha!

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