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Tina Fakhrid-Deen is a writer, LGBTQ family activist, and educator. She enjoys writing young adult and children's literature. She loves her family, nature, learning Spanish, hip-hop culture, and cupcakes.

soiled spectacle

many of us are social media peeping seeking seething we scroll to see if there is a blip on your screen that interrupts cat videos, date night pics, HRC debates, your lush garden with tomatoes you didn’t know could grow … Continue reading

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Why It’s Hard to Get Excited About My Child’s Acceptance into a Selective Enrollment School

My child got into one of her selective enrollment school choices for fall 2016. I’m happy for her. Really happy. My husband has already posted the great news on Facebook. I haven’t. There’s some anger, sadness and guilt which prevents … Continue reading


Why Melissa Harris-Perry’s Voice Matters

Melissa Harris-Perry walked off of her MSNBC show or rather, she chose to keep walking firmly into her destiny.  The rumor mill reports that MSNBC has severed ties with Melissa Harris-Perry. In her letter to her staff, Melissa shares why … Continue reading


Black History Beyond February

I wrote a recent piece for Jet Magazine on the importance of going beyond Black History Month when developing culturally competent curricula about the experiences, history and perspectives of Black people. Enjoy!


An Unanticipated Vagina Monologue

Last night I went out to see a friend’s band at a BBQ joint in Pilsen. I expected to chill with my homegirl and laugh the night away as we always do. I expected to sneak and eat some brisket … Continue reading


The Vagina Monologues at Oakton

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Can the State Save CPS?

Many of us heard Gov. Rauner propose that the state run CPS. Most of us balked. Then, some of us spoke. Principal, educator and activist, Troy LaRaviere, helps to articulate why this is a terrible idea and proposes solutions in … Continue reading

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Plug Tunin’

I’ve been avoiding social media lately. I think it’s because I’m traumatized, tired and on the edge. Most of my friends and associates are activists, creatives, scholars, educators, writers, healers, lovers, and don’t-take-no-shitters. Overall, they are beautifully urbane people. Therefore, … Continue reading


Ramadan Days 8 & 9: Allah, Why Didn’t You Protect Me?

Originally posted on Drunken Whispers:
When somebody commits an act of violence upon your person enter yourself to find it gone what has been taken you may find it is your health you may find it is your soul but…

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We Must Resist the Terrorism

Denmark Vesey is one of my heroes. He was about resistance. He resisted the title of slave, freeing himself after winning a lottery. He educated and gave hope to other Africans to remember who they were, despite the harsh, enslaved … Continue reading

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