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A Moment of Reflection in Antigua

Antigua is my happy place. The imposing and picturesque volcanoes are alluring. They allow me to appreciate the power of nature, de la tierra. The climate is always moderate, so much so that they call it the land of eternal … Continue reading

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How to Keep the One You Love

1.) Make sure he/she loves you back. Love needs to be reciprocal and just because you love someone doesn’t mean they are obligated to love you in return. Be honest with yourself and determine whether this person is really deserving … Continue reading

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Catching Up to Our Dreams

It’s time to live our life “like it’s golden.” I have a personal abundance challenge going and I want you aboard this happiness train. This is how it goes. We put our wildest, most wonderful goals and dreams into the universe … Continue reading

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Weary Bones and New Ways

Okay, another year has gone by with a few steps back and several leaps forward for me. Once again, I met Mr. December feeling tired, strained, lethargic, and stressed from the inside out. I had weird pimples, boils, dry hair, … Continue reading

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